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Experienced Sitter & Foster

Otay Mesa • South Bay

Cat Body Language & Building Trust

Cats are easily one of my greatest passions and joys. I tend to have a keen eye for cat body language since I’ve been studying them my whole life. Their body language helps me identify a cat’s limits so that I don’t push them out of their comfort zones, and build the foundations of trust. I understand not all cats wish to be pet or cuddled for many different reasons and may only prefer being spoken to or played with/admired from a distance. Because of this, cats often feel comfortable around me quickly and resume their normal routines and behaviors. These beginnings of trust often allow me to handle cats a bit more easily if it’s necessary, such as administering medications or relocating them to a safer location.

I have fostered multiple litters of kittens with their mothers since 2017 for ECAR (East County Animal Rescue). I have also chauffeured pets to and from the vet visits and their homes, as well as cared for them as they recovered from spays and neuters for AWFSD (Animal Welfare Foundation of San Diego). Volunteering for these organizations is where I acquired the skills of administering eyedrops, oral medications (both liquid and tablets), and ointments. I have also helped with TNR here in San Diego.

Experienced with:

✔️ oral medication - pills

✔️ oral medication - liquids

✔️ eye medication

✔️ ear medication

✔️ topical medication

Providing Cats with the Best Life Possible

There has not been a day in my life without a crazy little feline as a member of my family! I currently have six kitties; all rescues with their own wonderful personalities.

  • Chui – I befriended him in my front yard in 2012 when he was a stray. He is the oldest and wisest, so he has a lot of respect from the rest of my kitties.

  • Blake – Her and her sister came to my family as our first fosters. We easily fell into their cuteness trap and they never left. Blake likes to jump out at everyone only to run away and invite us to chase her around the house. 

  • Weiss - Sister to Blake and the house princess, she knows what she wants and will judge you greatly if her expectations are not met. She doesn't care much for pets or cuddling, but absolutely soaks up attention if you talk or look at her.

  • Trixie – She has a lot of things to say and will make sure you hear every single one of her opinions! When not performing a public speech, you can find her doing backflips with her toys in the living room.

  • Koda – Trixie’s son; he’s a little momma’s boy and therefore decided no home was better than the one with both his human and cat mom in it. He’s the youngest of all my kitties and takes full advantage of being the baby to get all the love he wants from me and the rest of his feline siblings.

  • Rengar – He thinks he’s a person! Rengar likes to sit like a human wherever his fluffy butt happens to be. Easily the goofiest cat of the bunch, he one day aspires to manipulate objects with his paws despite not having opposable thumbs.

I have been pet sitting for neighbors, family, and friends since 2021. I love learning about each kitty and caring for their diverse needs while providing a peace of mind to cat parents by keeping their kitties safe, healthy, and as happy as can be. I’ve always been fascinated by animals and their behaviors, so I took to learning cat and dog behavior with great passion before I was even in my pre-teens. To this day, I continue to learn new information. I hope to use the knowledge I have acquired throughout my life to give our little family members the best lives and experiences possible. It’s the best “thank you” I can give to them for just being their amazing selves.  

I am so excited to provide lots of love and the best care possible for more kitty friends. I have studied and practiced art my whole life and a lot of my knowledge in composition and lighting translates into photography. So I’ll be sure to take many lovely photos of your cats to share with you while you are away! Being a cat sitter is a wonderful and great privilege and I am looking forward to caring for your kitties during your travels. 

- Rachel D.

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