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North Park

A Feline Love Affair

My love affair with felines began when I was just a toddler. One would be hard pressed to find a childhood photograph of me without a cat in it. Over the years I have been very fortunate to share my home and personal life with many feline companions. My spouse and I are delighted to share our home currently with two kitties. Atticus is a gregarious orange tabby and his sister is a bold tortie (technically calico) named Quincy.

Experienced with:

✔️ oral medication - pills

✔️ oral medication - liquids

✔️ eye medication

✔️ ear medication

✔️ topical medication

Caring for Cats, a Labor of Love

After leaving my previous career on the East Coast in hospitality management I moved to the West Coast and was eager to finally be able to begin working with animals. I was able to gain a lot of knowledge and experience working as an animal care attendant with both cats and dogs in a shelter setting. When another opportunity was given to me allowing me to work directly and solely with cats in partnership with the county shelter I was thrilled. I spent several years in this position in a professional setting with at least a dozen cats in my care daily. Working with cats has been a rewarding labor of love. I know from personal experience that finding someone you can trust and who really understands cats to help care for your cat companions can be difficult. I’m excited to be able to provide that trust and knowledge and to meet your pawsome kitties. =^^=

- Rebecca


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