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Experienced Cat Sitter

Pacific Beach

Experienced Cat Sitter who Loves All Purrsonalities 

My family had three cats when I was born, so I grew up a cat lover and have loved them ever since! In addition to taking care of my own cats since childhood, I have also been cat sitting since 2010. I have owned and taken care of a very wide range of kitty personalities. My cat Consuela is sweet but very shy and my boy Googles is very outgoing and loves everyone. I was the kitty sitter for a grumpy and somewhat aggressive senior cat for several years as well as a shy cat who now greets me excitedly at the door instead of hiding under the bed. I've never met a cat I didn't like and I love that all cats have such unique personalities.


Experienced with:

✔️ oral medication administration - pills

✔️ oral medication - liquids

✔️ topical medication

✔️ blood glucose home testing

✔️ insulin injections

✔️ injectable medications


Diabetic Kitty Meowmy with a Keen Perception of Cat Body Language

I currently have two cats of my own, Consuela and Googles. Both were very young when we found them and required several weeks of bottle feeding, so they are our babies. Googles was diagnosed with diabetes this year and I had never considered how important a service like Tabby Manor is until his insulin injections made it much more difficult to leave town.


Having cats my whole life and caring for other people's cats has taught me how to read a cat's body language so that I can win their affection at their speed and comfort level. I know firsthand what a relief it is to have someone you trust caring for your fur babies so that you can enjoy your time away from home. I like to provide that peace of mind for other people while doing something I love; making kitty friends! I look forward to meeting your purrbabies too!


- Aria

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