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A directory for all your feline needs. 

Whether you're in search of video tutorials, helpful articles, or other local cat-friendly services, Tabby Manor can help you find exactly what you're looking for.


Information at the tip of your toe beans.


Cat-Friendly Services

Purrfect feline-friendly veterinarians, groomers and other services here in San Diego.

cat-friendly services
Meowzas! This section is under construction. Purr-lease check back soon! 

Free entertainment for cats

Ideas for keeping kitty busy on a budget.

free entertainment


TV isn't just for the humans anymore!

With the popularity of smart TVs and streaming devices, several YouTube channels are available for the entertainment of our feline friends. Cat TV is a great resource to keep purr-babies entertained when nobody is home.


Be sure to try it out supervised first, before leaving kitty alone. Some cats are content just watching TV, but others may try to catch the animals they see!

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Don't waste time searching for videos. Save our playlist 'Tabby Fur-avorites' to view all of our favorite CatTV channels. Now that's the cat's meow!


Knowledge is paw-er. Save our playlist 'Tabby Tutorials' for pawsomely helpful tips & tricks.


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