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Veterinary Technician

PB • OB • Clairemont

Vet Tech with a Special Treat for Each Cat

I love cats so much! I am a veterinary technician and cat mom of two. Working at the vet hospital, I get to interact with a varying range of kitty personas daily and have learned how to approach each one differently based on their needs. For example, if a cat is nervous I stay calm and talk softly so they don’t feel more anxious. I do my best to always keep the kitties as comfortable as possible when they come in for their appointments and love to give them a little squeeze up treat, as long as they can have it! I love taking all the appointments with cats since I’m such a crazy cat lady. 

Experienced with:

✔️ oral medication administration - pills

✔️ oral medication - liquids

✔️ eye medication

✔️ ear medication

✔️ transdermal medications

✔️ topical medication

✔️ subcutaneous fluids

✔️ insulin injections

✔️ injectable medications

Different Purr-sonalities are No Problem  

I’ve had cats my entire life. My last kitty lived until she was 20 years old! I understand the different cat purrsonalities and how to work with them, especially because my current purrkids are polar opposites themselves. Bandit is almost 5 and is the sweetest boy ever. He has been with me since he was about 6 weeks old. He was found in a dumpster with two of his siblings. Buddy turns 10 this year and is a bit of a grumpy old man. I love him just the way he is, even when he needs his space. They both love going on walks outside with their leash and harness. My boys are my world! 

I have been cat sitting for family and some personal clients for a couple years now, in addition to being a cat purrent myself. I’m looking forward to doing more cat sitting and getting to spend time with other kitty friends. I can’t wait to meet your cats and learn about each of their cute little quirks too! 

- Bre

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