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Experienced Cat Sitter

OB • Point Loma

Helped Kitty Overcome Noise Aggression

I have been a cat lover all my life! I was born into a house with cats and have had cats as pets ever since. I currently have two indoor cats of my own! They are a bonded pair that I adopted into our family in 2020. One came to us with pretty intense noise aggression but through a lot of behavioral work with the advice from San Diego Humane Society behaviorists, we have been able to help her have healthy coping habits when loud noises happen. They both now love to play and cuddle.

I have been cat sitting (and dog sitting) on and off for friends since I was a teenager, so around 15 years. I am very quick to learn different cat personalities. I have a lifetime of experience with cats and can read their body language and become friends easily. Even with cats who take longer to befriend, I know to be patient and take the needed time to earn their trust. I don't regularly administer medication to cats, however I can administer oral medications, eye and ear medication, and topical medication comfortably. I have some experience doing the above with cats, mice, and rats. 

Experienced with:

✔️ oral medication - pills

✔️ oral medication - liquids

✔️ eye medication

✔️ ear medication

✔️ topical medication

Post-Doctoral Professional with a Love for Cats  

I have a PhD in Biology but have stepped away from science temporarily; for now I work as an Organizer with UAW specifically with academic researchers at UCSD. I work with other academic researchers to help them build collective power to improve the workplace for scientists. This involves identifying leaders, building those leaders, and talking to other academic researchers about their issues and about becoming union members. 

I have a strong work ethic that centers around timeliness and clear communication. I make sure to always be on time, work the full required hours, communicate clearly, and make sure tasks are accomplished exactly as desired. If there are any errors in communication, which can happen, I make sure to apologize and work to clear up the miscommunication and fix any issues. 

My schedule is fairly flexible so I’m excited to get to make more kitty friends! Spending time with cats is something I truly enjoy and am eager to do more often. The kitties I visit will receive the best care and all the love and attention they want (on their terms of course!). I am looking forward to meeting you and your kitties!

- Natalie

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