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Founder of Tabby Manor

Pacific Beach

Crazy Cat Lady & Founder of Tabby Manor

I've been a cat lover and meowmmy for all my life and currently have 3 senior kittos of my own, Caesar, Sphinx and Jasmine that I just love to bits. I have been cat sitting since 2014 and have loved it so much that I decided to start my own business Tabby Manor in January 2021. I'm excited to continue to grow and help San Diego cat purrents provide the best lives for their furkids.

Experienced with:

✔️ oral medication - pills

✔️ oral medication - liquids

✔️ eye medication

✔️ ear medication

✔️ topical medication

✔️ subcutaneous fluids

✔️ AeroKat / Flovent inhaler

✔️ blood glucose home testing

✔️ insulin injections

✔️ injectable medications

✔️ GS-441524 (FIP) injections

Caring for the San Diego Cat-mmunity I've dedicated the majority of my adult life to caring for our feline friends. I've worked in the veterinary field since 2011 in both small animal practice and in high volume TNR clinics at Feral Cat Coalition helping to decrease overpopulation and improve the lives of feral cats across San Diego county. With my vet med background, I am comfortable providing any medical care your purrbaby may need. I'm excited to meet your furamily and provide meowvelous care for our San Diego cat community! - Natasha

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