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Tabby Manor's paw of approval. 

Tabby Manor interacts with a variety of cat products every day. As liaisons of our cat-mmunity, we want to share our fur-avorite items with you, all approved by our kitty customers! 

Bowls & Feeders



Create healthy eaters with sharp minds.

An enrichment feeder is often the purrfect solution for scarf and barf'ers. Theses feeders slow down hasty eaters and help to reduce vomiting related to eating too quickly. Working for their food keeps cats mentally stimulated and busy throughout the day. Here are some of our favorite feeders.

Content Coming Soon...

Medication Aides



Playtime just got an upgrade. 

There are tons of toys you can try out for your feline friend. Consider their play style when choosing a toy. Do they prefer jumping and catching things that fly? Or would they rather hunt and sneak attack at ground level? Kitties tend to prefer human interaction, but electronic toys are a great alternative for extra play when you're away! Here are some of our favorite toys that our kitty customers have loved time and time again.

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