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One Place. All Purrs.

Services Exclusively for Cats.

Cats are one of a kind. They deserve care as unique as they are.

Serving Central San Diego

We've expanded!

Now available in all neighborhoods west of El Cajon from Mira Mesa to Barrio Logan

91941 La Mesa

91942 La Mesa

92020 El Cajon

92037 La Jolla

92071 Santee

92092 La Jolla

92093 La Jolla

92101 Downtown

92102 Golden Hill

92103 Hillcrest

92104 North Park

92105 City Heights

92106 Point Loma

92107 Ocean Beach

92108 Mission Valley

92109 Pacific Beach

92110 Bay Park

92111 Linda Vista

92113 Logan Heights

92115 Talmadge

92116 Normal Heights

92117 Clairemont

92118 Coronado

92119 San Carlos

92120 Del Cerro

92121 Sorrento Valley

92122 University City

92123 Serra Mesa

92124 Tierrasanta

92126 Mira Mesa

92131 Scripps Ranch

92132 Downtown

92140 Midway District

92145 Miramar

92161 La Jolla

92182 College Area


There's no purrlace like home.

Let Kitty stay in the comforts of home when you travel. Tabby Manor's professional cat sitters are experienced, insured and will ensure your purrbabies gets all the TLC they need. We also have veterinary-trained sitters that can provide any medical treatments your cat may need including diabetic care, medication and subcutaneous fluid administration.

Wet Cat


Because self care is impurrtant.

While Tabby Manor does not offer professional grooming or veterinary services, we can offer a helping hand to cat parents who need a little extra assistance with basic home care needs. Add on services to your cat sitting reservation or even request a separate house call appointment.

Why Choose Tabby Manor

Tabby Manor caters specifically to our feline friends. Our services are provided by cat-loving, experienced professionals with an extensive background in cat care and/or veterinary medicine.


We speak meow. It's our second language.


sitters available for special need kitties.


All sitters insured with

Pet Care Insurance

Meet the Tabby Team




Cat Lover Who Enjoys Helping Purrents

I have been cat-sitting for 2 years but have been a cat lover my entire life. It feels great to be that cat person that can help someone else when they need it. I understand...



Mission Valley

Lifelong Cat Lady & Meowdel Meowmmy

I have loved cats since I was little. I’ve owned cats my entire life and have done a lot of pet sitting for friends. I started professionally cat sitting earlier this year...



UTC • Ocean Beach

Aspiring Veterinarian with a Passion for Purrs

I have been a cat lover since I was 6, when my mom brought home my first two kitties. From then on my passion just grew and grew. I am now a senior pre-vet student at UCSD...



Pacific Beach

Experienced Cat Sitter who Loves All Purrsonalities

My family had three cats when I was born, so I grew up a cat lover and have loved them ever since! In addition to taking care of my own cats since childhood, I have also...



Spring Valley • UTC

All for the Love of Purrs

I am a senior Sociology student at UCSD and also work as a file clerk, so I see cat sitting as a fun hobby rather than a job. I love bonding with the kitties! I have fostered cats in the past and have taken care of small...



La Mesa • Clairemont

Vet Tech & Doting Cat Meowmy

I’ve been cat-obsessed my whole life! My parents have had cats since before I was born, and I’ve never been without one! I have been working as a veterinary technician for the...



Clairemont • Pacific Beach

Veterinary Assistant with a Calming Touch

I have been working as a veterinary assistant in Pacific Beach since 2019. Cats are my absolute favorite to work with at the vet hospital because they each have their...



El Cajon

Believer in Meeting Cats Where They Are

I have had a lifelong obsession with cats from the moment my parents said I could never have one. My husband and I have four purrbabies of our own; Tara, Jett, Ozzy and...



North Park

Meowvelous Meowmmy & Woo-er of Cats

I've loved cats since the moment I laid eyes on one. By age 4 I had waged a fierce campaign to have one of my own and was finally rewarded with a wee tabby barn kitten...



North Park

A Feline Love Affair

My love affair with felines began when I was just a toddler. One would be hard pressed to find a childhood photograph of me without a cat in it. Over the years I have been very fortunate to share my home and…




Vet Tech & Caregiver for all Felids

I love all cats, big and small alike! I have worked with cats for over a decade. I am a zookeeper at the San Diego Zoo and a veterinary technician at a small animal vet...



Pacific Beach

Crazy Cat Lady & Founder of Tabby Manor

I've been a cat lover and meowmmy for all my life and currently have 3 senior kittos of my own, Caesar, Sphinx and Jasmine that I just love to bits. I have been cat sitting since 2014 and have loved it so much...

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Fact: we cat purrents love to spoil our kittos. Whether you're searching for fun feeders or toys that will have your cat fe-line like a kitten again, we've got a ton of recommendations on products your cats will love!



Helping cat purrents help their cats.

Tabby Manor loves to help cat purrents provide the best life possible for their purrbabies. So we've created a directory just for cat owners. Find articles, video tutorials, free-sources and local feline-friendly services all in one convenient place.

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